Canberra Ice Dragons Dragon Boat Club

New Paddlers

New Paddlers

Come and try

Welcome!!  Wondering if you would like dragon boating?  Come and have a paddle with Ice Dragons!  You can paddle for the first month for free to help you decide whether it's the sport for you.  Paddles and all the equipment you need are also provided for free.   

To be covered by insurance during those free sessions, you’ll need to register for a Dragon Pass (one-month free trial). You can do this by going to our Membership page and clicking on the New Member button. Enter your name and date of birth and select ‘Dragon Pass 23-24’ from the drop-down list of membership type. Clicking the ‘Next Step’ button will take you to the page where you are asked to enter various details to complete your registration. You will also need to provide a passport style photo to add to your membership profile so we can recognise you at training.

You can also simply turn up to a training session at Grevillea Park (park on Menindee Drive) and look out for the Ice Dragons in our black & white uniforms. Bring along a completed DBACT Standard Temporary Membership Form or complete a form at the training session.

Our training times, location and other details are on our Training page.    

The best time to come and try is our Saturday morning training sessions (evening sessions are fine too).  Arrive a little before the warm up time so that we can get you a paddle and go through the basics.  Training times vary depending on the time of the year - please take a look at times on our Training Sessions page or contact dbcoaches@icedragons.com.au or membership@icedragons.com.au.

Wear comfortable clothes suitable for the weather and shoes that can get wet.  You will get wet!  

The Dragon Pass form will ask you if you can swim 50 metres in your clothes.  If you can't, you can still paddle with us.  We will provide you with a personal flotation device (PFD)/life jacket for your safety. 

Ready to join?

You've now done one month free participation in training sessions and you're keen to join the Ice Dragons, so what next?

Individual membership is made up of two parts: Ice Dragons membership + DBACT registration

Part 1: Ice Dragons membership

You need to join the Canberra Ice Dragons Dragon Boat Club - $100 per year ($50 if 18 or under).

Part 2: Dragon Boat ACT (DBACT) registration

Dragon Boat ACT (DBACT) is the peak body for dragon boating in Canberra. To participate in dragon boating, you need to pay the DBACT annual registration fee. This fee covers the use of boats, paddles and life jackets. It also covers the cost of insurance, local regatta entry and the AusDBF paddler levy.  Only paid-up registered members and new temporary members are permitted to use DBACT equipment and dragon boats.

Available Options...

  • $400 for Sports Membership ($300 DBACT registration + $100 Ice Dragons membership)
  • $255 for Student Membership if aged 19-24 ($180 DBACT registration + $75 Ice Dragons membership)
  • $225 for Student Membership if aged 12-18 ($175 DBACT registration + $50 Ice Dragons membership)

Membership is renewed every twelve (12) months. You will receive a renewal notice via the email address you provide. Please keep your details up to date so you don’t miss the emailed renewal notice. If your membership lapses even for just one day, you cannot go out in a boat.

You will need to provide a passport style photo to add to your membership profile.

How to Join?

CLICK HERE TO JOIN and pay for both DBACT registation and Ice Dragons membership.


Other Useful Information

When is training?

See the Training page for details of where, when and how.

How do I order an Ice Dragons uniform?

The Ice Dragons uniform can be ordered from the Shop.  You can try some sample shirts, but if you ask someone of similar build, you’ll find the size for you. Contact: uniforms@icedragons.com.au 

Paddle shorts, gloves and seat mats

The Ice Dragons are provided with a 10% loyalty discount by one of our generous sponsors Typhoon 8 who attends DBACT regattas from time to time.  Fred and Amy will sort you out for your paddles and paddling gear, you can find them online at www.typhoon8.com.au

DBACT supplies paddles for free.  If you would like to buy your own paddle, there are various types of paddles and a number of suppliers in addition to our sponsor Typhoon 8. It’s best to try a few grips and be measured for a paddle before you purchase.  Some vendors have paddles to try before you buy.  

Personal Flotation Devices
Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) must be worn at night between the advertised time of sunset and sunrise. In addition, because Lake Burley Griffin gets very cold, at all times throughout winter and parts of autumn and spring.  DBACT determine this period from 1 May to 1 September.

You must also wear a PFD if the sweep on the boat determines, for crew safety reasons, all on board must wear a PFD. The sweep can instruct you to wear a PFD if you are injured, unable to swim, or cannot swim 50 metres unaided.

There are PFDs in the shed at Grevillea Park and you are free to use them, however, for a more comfortable, personalised fit, you can purchase your own from most water sports retailers. 


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